What Else Can I Do?

What Else Can I Do? 2

We are Modern Mattress, and our primary focus is helping you to improve the quality and comfort of your sleep. We don’t only want to provide you with great products that are custom-fit to your individual needs, we also want to give you the information about what else you can do to improve your sleep quality. It’s definitely not one-dimensional. Often times there can be several factors at play when it comes to improving the quality and duration of your sleep. Our mission is to help you understand and gain a broader sense of what factors may be important for you to be mindful of. Sleep is vital – if you can improve your sleep, you will begin to see other areas of your life improve as well. So let us fill you in : here are a few other things that can help you.

You’re busy and you’ve got more things to do than time to do it. Often times, caffeine can be a great tool to use to help you get an extra boost of energy and help get you through a hectic day. You need a cut-off time, though. Try to avoid caffeine in the later hours of your day before sleep. It’s a stimulant and can make it harder for you to wind down before bed and get into a relaxing state. Not only that, but if you do fall asleep ok, it can reduce the quality of your sleep and you’ll wake up feeling groggy and poorly rested. Alcohol is another substance to be mindful of avoiding before bed time as it can drastically effect your sleep quality as well. This seems obvious, but the subtle effects these substances can have on you are often overlooked.

Phones, tablets, and other devices have become such a staple part of our every-day lives that most of us don’t realize the large percentage of our day that we spend looking into a digital screen. In all essence, our phones are starting to become an extension of ourselves (we’re basically cyborgs!) It’s a newer issue of concern, but reducing the amount of screen time we have, especially before bed, is imperative to improving our sleep and our health. A TV in the bedroom is not recommended, and using your phone or tablet before trying to sleep can hinder the production of melatonin in your body and make it harder for you to fall asleep. Not only that, but preoccupying yourself with these devices will also simply keep you awake longer than you intend to be. Try reading a book before bed… you know, the good old-fashioned kind that’s made of paper with pages that you can turn!

Often times overlooked, but very important – don’t forget to make your bedroom comfortable. Your bed should be your sanctuary. It should be the place you can escape to for much needed rest and relaxation. Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature. Have your bed made and kept ready for you to crawl in to. If you like music, try some relaxing melodies as you begin to rest. You can also use sounds like the drone of a ceiling fan to help put you in a calm, relaxed state. Lighting is also important, keep the lights low and try different accents like a salt lamp to give off a calm, relaxing glow.

If your bedroom is comfortable and your mattress is great and you still can’t seem to get the rest you need, you may be one who needs to allocate extra time to relaxing your mind as well. It’s equally, if not more important than any other factor we should consider. Avoid rumination. Your life is filled with more stress and anxiety than ever before. Ruminating, or getting into deep thought about life’s stresses and events, is something you should try to be mindful of avoiding before sleep. Playing life’s stresses over and over in your mind as you lay awake will make it harder for you to fall asleep, and it will impact the quality of your sleep, too. It may even have a largely negative impact on the level of mood you have when you wake up in the morning.

Keep these few things in mind – you maybe find they help you improve your sleep. When you improve your sleep, you’ll begin to see other areas of your life improve as well, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much of a positive impact a good sleep routine can have on your overall well-being. If you’d like to talk more, come chat with our sleep experts and let us fill you in.