Staying Cool…

Staying Cool... 2

Keeping a regular body temperature while you sleep at night is a primary concern. For some, there is nothing worse than waking up feeling hot and sweaty because your bed is a heat trap. At Modern Mattress, we understand that each client of ours has individual needs that have to be accounted for. We personalize your experience with us because we understand that when it comes to the quality of your sleep and comfort, personal preference is always the biggest factor -and for some, sleeping hot is definitely a “hot-button” issue. Often times you don’t realize that there are several options you can entertain that can help you stay cool throughout the night. So what can be done? Well… let’s have a look.

Most of us don’t want a mattress that retains heat, that goes without saying. (Although some do love the warmth and look for it!) While it used to be that innerspring mattresses were generally more breathable than pure foam mattresses… nowadays many pure foam mattresses now have some pretty advanced features that help them breathe and dissipate heat. A gel or other heat-conductor (like graphite) infused into the comfort layers of your mattress will absorb the heat, pull it away from your body, and dissipate it throughout the mattress so it does not reflect back at you. A good infusion in your mattress’s comfort layers could play a large role in helping your bed, and your body, remain cool. There can be other designs in mattresses to help improve breathability, such as “air-flow” surrounds that encase the mattress and promote airflow.

Did you know that the firmness level of your mattress can also  be a factor in how cool your bed feels? It’s actually quite simple, if you’re laying in a softer mattress, you will sink in a bit more and be surrounded by the comfort layers of your mattress, so there will be more contact of the surface area of your mattress to your body. This will allow for more potential for your mattress to absorb and trap your body heat, and maybe reflect it back at you. This means that if heat retention is your number one issue, you’ll want to consider staying away from the softest mattresses.

The materials on the surface layer of your mattress, in the upholstery and quilting, should also definitely be taken into consideration if you are someone who seems to be sensitive to a fluctuating body temperatures. What you want to look for are “moisture-wicking” materials, such as silk and wool, wool and hollo fibre, bamboo, or other cool materials. Moisture, or lack there-of, has a massive impact on your body temperature. Moisture-wicking fabrics will absorb your body’s moisture and then dissipate it through its fibers, bringing it to the surface for evaporation, leaving you comfortable and unaffected. Many fibers in the quilting of some mattresses are also engineered to remain a few degrees cooler than the room temperature they are in. An example of this is PCM, or “Phase-Change Material”. Often used in apparel for top-performing athletes, its cool to the touch and helps keep your temperature regulated.

Lastly, and often overlooked, it’s very important to consider what type of mattress protector and linens you are putting onto your mattress. This may be the most important factor that might impact your body temperature, so there are many things to consider. Choose a mattress protector that is designed to breathe. There can be no way around it, a moisture-proof protector may retain some heat, but protecting a mattress to increase its longevity and to protect your warranty is a must for most. Look for protectors that are waterproof and designed to stay cool, or choose a breathable non-waterproof option that acts as an extra absorbent layer and protects your bed. Your linens are just as important. If you sleep on microfibre sheets one night and then on 100% rayon from bamboo the next, you will notice a big difference in which sheets are breathable and allow airflow, wicking your body’s moisture away and keeping you dry and cool. Trust us, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at just how big of a difference your sheets can make in the quality of your sleep. Invest in higher-end fibers and weaves, such as bamboo, Tencel, or cotton sateen for durability and thermo-regulation, and feel the difference it makes. After all, that’s what this is all about.

So try and stay cool. Open the window or flip on a fan. Consider your mattress’s design, and the materials of your bedding and mattress protection. It’ll help you sleep deeper and longer, and you’ll feel better rested and energized for each and every day.