Lotus Arctic Ice Shoulder Pillow


This pillow may bring plenty of sweet dreams & soothing sleep!

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LOTUS ARCTIC ICE SHOULDER PILLOW The Magical Pillow That Always Stays Cool!

If your head is missing that cooling sensation, nothing beats our Shoulder Pillow. This ventilated molded memory foam pillow is made with Phase Change Material (PCM) – technology. This technology helps the pillow to release heat which keeps the pillow to consistently feel cool so that you can sleep comfortably and soundly.


Perfect for side sleepers thanks to the crescent moon-shaped cut out on one side of the pillow. This cut out makes it easier to place your arm under the pillow while sleeping. It provides firm and optimal support, while comfortably cradling your head and neck. Plus, there is an easily removable inner casing that makes laundering it a breeze.


The outer casing of the Shoulder Pillow is made of OlefinĀ®. This material is stain-resistant and durable. It remains consistently cool, which means it won’t get hot when your head hits the pillow.

  • Pillow case with cooling technology
  • Shoulder cut-out for added comfort
  • PCM stabilizes the pillow temperature
  • Ventilation provides maximum air circulation
  • Molded memory foam provides firm support
  • Wicks away moisture and bad odors