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Staying Cool…

Keeping a regular body temperature while you sleep at night is a primary concern. For some, there is nothing worse than waking up feeling hot and sweaty because your bed is a heat trap. At Modern Mattress, we understand that each client of ours has individual needs that have to be accounted for. We personalize

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Blog 2

What Else Can I Do?

We are Modern Mattress, and our primary focus is helping you to improve the quality and comfort of your sleep. We don’t only want to provide you with great products that are custom-fit to your individual needs, we also want to give you the information about what else you can do to improve your sleep

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Sleep Schedule

Why Choose Us?

You’re not sleeping well. Your old mattress just isn’t doing it anymore… it’s time for a new one. Where do you go? We believe you should come to us… and here’s why. Knowledge. – We’re a specialized store- mattresses are all that we do. We have sleep experts in store to help you narrow down

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